Pier 62 Carousel VIP Birthday Party Package

From USD $449.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Location: New York, NY


  • 2 Hours in a reserved party area
    Also includes a 30 minute set-up prior to your start time. Additional time may be added (pending availability) for $100 per half hour.
  • 12 Unlimited Ride Wristbands for up to 12 Kids
    Adding 1-9 extra kids = $25 each. Adding 10 or more = $20 each. Each extra child will also receive a goody bag.
  • Exclusive seating and tables
    4 seated picnic tables with umbrellas
  • Designated Party Host
  • Goody Bags


  • Booking a party with us does not mean you have the entire park and/or carousel exclusive to you and your party. The Pier 62 Carousel remains open to the public during normal hours of operation and during your event. Your designated party area, seating and tables, are exclusive to you and your guests, only. To inquire about renting out Pier 62 Carousel for large-scale, private events, please email your details to: info@nycarousel.com

  • Security Deposit: To officially hold your desired date and time, a $100 + tax deposit will be taken upon check-out. It is non-refundable. In the event of inclement weather, however, we will reschedule to another date and time, pending availability. 

  • Extra Participants & Extra Time: Note that we do not charge an admission fee for guests who simply wish to enjoy the event and not participate in our attraction(s). However, if you wish to add Extra Participants or Extra Time, click "YES" at the time of checkout and in your confirmation email (sent within 24 hours after booking), our Team will confirm your add-ons.

  • Special Offers: Codes applied upon checkout will be processed by our Team once your order has been received. You'll receive e-confirmation with your total pricing reflecting the discount as per the offer you provided upon booking.


Upon submitting your party reservation, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions (also included in the confirmation email you'll receive within 24 hours from our Team):

  • a. Security & Entertainer Deposits: I understand that the security deposit - due at the time of booking - includes tax and is non-refundable. I understand that if adding an Entertainer, an Entertainer Deposit (also taxed) will go toward my remaining balance, and is non-refundable if I cancel or reschedule my party with less than 48 hours advance notice.
  • b. I understand that the NYC sales tax of 8.875% will be added to my final balance owed.
  • c. Final Payment & Gratuity: I understand that my remaining balance is due onsite and in full the day of my event through my Party Host prior to my departure. Any additional expenses incurred day-of will also be settled prior to my departure. I understand that Staff gratuity is not included in the final payment. Gratuity is at my discretion and should be paid to the Operations Manager who will split the gratuity evenly between the Party Host and attraction operators. Gratuity is only accepted in cash the day of your event; it will not be applied to credit/debit card.
  • d. Paperware/Flatware & Decorations: I understand that I am responsible for bringing plates, napkins, utensils, etc. Table coverings will be provided by Pier 62 Caousel. If I want to bring decorations, it is of my own accord and decorations that I want to keep must be removed and taken with me upon my departure. My decorations must not disrupt or damage the integrity of Pier 62  infrastructure, in order to avoid reparation fees. Decorations I choose to leave behind when my party ends will be removed and discarded by Staff. 
  • e. Food & Beverage: I understand that food and beverage is not included in my package but are available as Food Add-Ons. However, I understand that I am also able to bring my own food and beverage, and all external food (prepared personally/at-home or catered through a third-party vendor) cannot be stored, cooked or prepared onsite. I understand that no glass bottles and alcoholic beverages are permitted onsite unless otherwise allowed by Management via a third-party caterer with a valid liquor license. 
  • f. Set-Up/Tear-Down: I understand that my Party Host, under my direction, will assist within my 30 min. set-up time prior to my start time and is responsible for clean up. Any decorations that I choose to leave behind will be removed and discarded by Staff. I understand that I must leave my party area at my scheduled End/Departure Time.
  • g. Inclement Weather, Rescheduling, Cancellations: In the event of inclement weather, I understand that I must send written notification no later than 48 HOURS before my event if I wish to reschedule or cancel. I understand that rescheduling my party is subject to availability. I understand that if I do not wish to reschedule for any reason, I forfeit my deposit and, if applicable, my Entertainer Deposit will be returned to me if I give more than 48 hours advanced notice of my cancellation or rescheduling to Management.
  • h. Unlimited Ride Wristbands & Tickets: I understand that the wristbands (non-taxabel) will be applied to my guests by my Party Host; are non-transferable; and, cannot be swapped between people. If a wristband is removed from someone's wrist, it will be declared null and void. Additional wristbands purchased onsite the day of my event (for use during my party) is available at the rate of my party package, and will be added to my final balance owed prior to departure. Extra ride or game tickets (non-taxable) purchased must be used either at the time of purchase or before the end of the season in which case they will expire and will become invalid for future seasons.
  • i. Ride Restrictions: All guests are required to have either a wristband or ride ticket when boarding a ride. Either may be purchased onsite. Children must meet the height restrictions of 42". If the child does not meet the height requirement, they must be accompanied by an adult. The accompanying adult rides for free but the child must have a wristband or ride ticket.
  • j. Adding Extra Time: I understand that if I wish to add extra time to my party beyond my End Time, it is contingent upon the Operations Manager and other events scheduled the same day as mine. Furthermore, I understand that any unscheduled, pre-approved time exceeding my contract will be included in a separate invoice and settled prior to departure.